TakWahMak Visits SUMC

Professor Tak Wah Mak is an internationally renowned scientist. In addition to discovering human T cell receptor, he also made outstanding contributions to immunology, molecular biology, tumor metabolism, tumor genetics and the development of anticancer drugs. He owns over 50 patents and published more than 950 research papers, among which 150 appeared inNature,Science, andCell. His publications have been cited more than 100,000 times with an h-index of 160.  

In his inspiring seminar, Professor Mak first talked about the history of cancer treatment and then presented his expert views on immune check-point therapy for cancer patients. He enthusiastically presented his unique perspectives on metabolic characteristics of tumor cells and immune cells. He vividly cited a Chinese saying "yin and yang balance, mutual coordination" to explain the in-depth exposition of the dialectical relationship between immunity and cancer. He pointed out that focusing on tumor metabolism, aneuploidy and immune responses may finding new strategies to treat cancer patients. 

The auditorium and the hallways were packed and all participants gained great insights into the forefront development of cancer drug development.

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