2017 SMSA Medical Students Overseas Experience Presentation

Hosted by Soochow University Medical Students’ Association (SMSA), the 2017 Medical Students’ Overseas Experiences Presentation was held at the lecture hall of Medical College on the evening of Sept. 20th. SMSA is one of the 15 local committees of IFMSA-China. It aims to expand horizons of medical students and explore more opportunities for them. Up till now, SMSA has helped more than 100 students take part in overseas exchange programs, international competitions and global meetings.

The first speaker was Ge Jun, who shared his one-month orthopaedic exchange experience in medical center of Freiburg University this April. As one of the leading teaching hospitals in Europe, Freiburg Medical Center has access to the most complicated cases in Europe. During his exchange period, Jun improved his diagnostic and treating skills in handling common hand surgery cases through involvement in nearly fifty surgeries and more than three hundred outpatients. Influenced by his professor’s warm care for every patient, Jun also caught a glimpse of the humanistic spirit in Germany. What highlighted his exchange was Jun’s rescue of an old patient on his flight back, which enlightened the attendees to apply acquired knowledge into practice and shoulder medical students’ responsibility bravely.
The next speaker was Xu Lihong. Lihong introduced her research exchange experience in the embryonic lab of Autonomic University of New Leon in Mexico. As an outstanding student from bioscience, Lihong experienced gross anatomy for the first time and assisted delivering a baby in the local hospital. The extraordinary experience inspired her to combine scientific research with clinical practice. In addition, Lihong shared about her homesickness, patriotism and her change into a stronger self. These little stories encouraged students to take opportunities of exchange and to embrace other cultures without prejudice.

At last, Wu Mengyin shared her reflections after participating in the 68th General Assembly of IFMSA (GA). Confronted with all the misfortune and injustice worldwide, GA provides medical students across the globe a platform to care, share and strive with each other. In addition, GA expands medical students’ global view so that medical students with different cultural background can promote the development of global health together with the same passion and faith.

The 2017 Medical Students’ Overseas Experience Presentation gave attending medical students a deeper insight into the exchange programs for medical students. Through the Presentation, students learnt better about fostering a global and frontier view, as well as shouldering the responsibility of medical practitioners to always keep the spirit of humanity. 

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