The Medical College of Soochow University  locates on the eastern shore of Dushu Lake in Suzhou Industrial Park, which is an entity dedicated to medical and life science education under the administration of Soochow University.

The genesis of SUMC dates back to 1912 when its predecessor, Nantong Medical College, was co-founded by Mr. Jian Zhang, a renowned educator who made a significant contribution to the industrialization and education of modern China.


In 1957, it was relocated to Suzhou and renamed Suzhou Medical College under the administration of the Ministry of Nuclear Industry. In 2000, it was merged into Soochow University. In 2008, SUMC was established. The predecessor of its affiliated hospital is the former Boxi Hospital established in 1883. Its life science education can be traced back to the Department of Biological Sciences at Soochow University established in 1901 and the Suzhou Sericulture Technical College established in 1911.

Through the efforts made by generation after generation, SUMC had already developed into a comprehensive medical college and nurtured a large number of professionals in medicine and biological sciences. As one of the earliest medical colleges in China, it was among the first ones to be granted the right to confer doctoral degree.


Adhering to the motto of “Fuse the traditional Chinese medicine with modern Western medicine to develop and expand philanthropy”,SUMC has accumulated rich cultural heritage over its long history of development. The college has been continually strengthening reforms in education by focusing on the combination of theory and practice. It has trained a large number of high-caliber innovative professionals in medicine and biological sciences. The college possesses distinguished alumni all over the world.  By relying on its long-standing cultural tradition, the college will continue to strengthen discipline construction. We will focus on developing innovative talents as well as high-standard scientific researches so that we can deliver excellence in medical education and research.

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