The Requirements of Medical Students Applying for Graduate Study of Soochow University

 1、The student must have a bachelor's degree, if the applicant is a new college graduate, he should provide pre-graduation certification of the university.

2、The examination scores which was lower than 70 are not more than three courses during the undergraduate section.

3、The grade of Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi (HSK) is more than four.

4、There is no bad payment record during undergraduate study.

5、The students must study hard and have good performance during undergraduate study (provided by the class teacher comments).

6、The student must have no record of violating Chinese laws and regulations, no record of going against the rules and disciplines of Soochow University (provided by the Student Management Division).

7、After preliminary selection, all the candidates must have interviews with the teachers in the hospitals. The university will give the applicants admission notices after the professors sign an agreement.  

8、The graduate students must bear all the costs of studying (tuition fees, accommodation, living expenses, etc.) by themselves.

9、Students must pay the tuition in September every year, which is 40000 RMB/year & accommodation 4000 RMB/year.

10、The university enrolls new students one time one year, the applicants will have interviews in January or February, the university will send admission letters in March or April, and the students register in September to start the medical classes.

11、All students are required to sign a commitment letter after registration. 

12、These rules and requirements were put into effect from October 2011.


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