Soochow University Medical College (SUMC) is the home of multiple schools, research centers and hospitals. For the cohorts of basic and clinical medicine people, our commitment to innovation leads us to link life science, basic medicine, public health, pharmacy, nursing care, and medical education together. Our basic and medical curriculum for the 21st century follows global disciplines and combines advances in learning strategies, new technologies, and big-data solutions to fulfill our tenfold mission in ambition: learn-and-teach, bench-and-bed, as well as think-and-act. The ground-state 5+3 MD program, launched in SUMC over the recent years, stands the traditional medical school curriculum education in new era, with the ability to opt in during the student’s first year of our medical school. With our outstanding class selected five-year pathway to the medical degree and our dual degrees, i.e., medical degree + MS, or medical degree + PhD program, we offer unparalleled flexibility to formulate students’ medical training in ways that align with his/her medical career development globally. We’re continuing to improve and remodel our curriculum of medicine, nuclear medicine, and nursing to solve today’s new challenges in healthcare. Our innovations in medical education recently launch “centering on organ system” and “healthcare by the big-data” curriculum designed to educate medical students about the many ways in which we intend to inform and improve our teaching efforts and clinical care. SUMC nursing program commits more classroom-to-hospital research in humanism care and palliative care. SUMC nuclear medicine with the outstanding faculty team targets cancer with the state-of-the-art approaches like proton and heavy ion radiotherapy instrument. SUMC public health brings together dedicated faculties from different disciplines to nourish our students the new generations of global health leaders. SUMC pharmacy investigates “targeting” and “check-point” drugs for cancer with both “traditional” and novel concepts and technologies. SUMC hospitals provide our meds the best clinical training and practice from translation to precision. No doubt, our faculties received their education and training from world’s top universities will provide our students the best and open-mind biomedical education.

 Join SUMC in an educational experience, which integrates clinical skills, quality, and evidence-based medicine, and emphasizes the importance of patient-centered care to inform and enhance healthcare in the 21st century. Our Cyrus Tang Hematology Center, Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Institutes of Biology and Basic Medicine are all unique medical research bodies exposed in front of the students will let them to participate “East and West meet and cooperate” on our campus in the historic “Wu and Yueh” states.

                                                                                                                     Y.Eugene Chinn,MD/PhD

                                                                                                                      Dean of SUMC

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